About Us


Leading the Unica team is Owner/CEO Nancy Galvan. A graduate of Fort Worth's North Side High School and the University of Texas at Arlington, she holds a degree in Advertising and Marketing. Mrs. Galvan is deeply committed to her community and serves on the boards of the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and DFW Hispanic 100, in addition to her previous involvement with the Greater Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and North Side High School Legacy Foundation. In her role as CEO, she leads the company, shapes its vision and strategy, manages resources, builds relationships, and ensures compliance and sustainability. With over 17 years of experience in the custodial and facility operations industries, she brings a wealth of knowledge to our organization.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Eric Marceleño, reports directly to Mrs. Galvan and assumes field management responsibility for all federal and commercial contracts. He was proudly raised in Dallas (Oak Cliff), where he attended J.F. Kimball High School and later graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington. With extensive experience in sales, negotiations, and project management acquired during his tenure with corporations like Farmers Insurance Group, Citigroup, and Verizon, Mr. Marceleño joined the Unica team in 2016. His multifaceted role encompasses new business development, project supervision, technical services administration, and contract compliance. He is the alternate point of contact for government requirements and has the authority to allocate necessary resources to ensure contract success.

Unica's inception in 2007 marked its humble beginnings as a part-time janitorial service. Nancy Galvan, while working full-time as a Contracts Administrator at Bell Helicopter, ventured into the janitorial industry after extensive research revealed a significant demand for cleaning services in the DFW area. Despite the challenging economic climate at the time, her determination led her to start her own business.

For the initial two years, Mrs. Galvan balanced her full-time job at Bell with her part-time janitorial business, gradually accumulating enough contracts to make the leap to full-time entrepreneurship. Today, Unica thrives, serving a diverse portfolio of clients such as the U.S. Federal Government, Department of Defense, General Services Administration, City of Irving, Texas, and Dallas' Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, just to name a few.

Our name, Unica, often prompts curiosity from customers and partners who inquire about its meaning. Rooted in Nancy Galvan's upbringing as the only daughter among three older brothers, her mother affectionately referred to her as "La Unica" or "The Only Girl." Over time, this name became a symbol of her proud Mexican heritage and a constant reminder of her parents' relentless pursuit of a better life for their children.